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Imagine a Soccer Ball Inflated to the Size of the Earth...

Created by - Wyken Seagrave.

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What is Soccearth?

Imagine a soccer ball inflated to the size of the Earth, and imagine that everything upon its surface was increased in size to the same proportion.

Then imagine you could walk about on this Earth-sized soccer ball. What would you see?

Well, if you looked down, you would be able to see the atoms it was made of.

And you would see many molecules sticking to the surface, left behind by bacteria and protozoa which had crawled across it.

And you would see those same live cells, still swarming across the surface in an endless search for food, but now large enough to see with your own eyes.

So how large would they be?

That is the question which Soccearth is designed to answer. Using it, you can explore the microscopic world hidden on the surface of a humble soccer ball, a world whose existence you probably never even suspected.

And remember, exactly the same things can be found sticking to the surface of every object around you, and even on your own skin and hair!

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This website is part of a suite of sites which will help you not only understand how you fit into the over scheme of things, from the smallest to the largest things in the universe, but also show you where you came from and how you arrived here on this beautiful and incredible planet Earth.

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And finally in the menu, you will find a link to a table which contains details of the sizes of some common objects you will find on Soccearth.

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